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Egypt judiciary Mu brother, recently sentenced to 163 against members of the coup d ‘ état, subjected to from 10 to 15 years in prison on charges including Adoui fourth place “cleared by the military” inciting riots and violence in the incident, and planned bombings at subway station North of Cairo. At the same time, Alexander court judgments in Xidi·bishier 62 against the coup officers arrested in 1-3 years ‘ imprisonment.
Kafr El-Sheikh governorate region criminal court against 126 defendants sentenced to prison for ten years, and awarded each 1000 Egyptian pounds (about US $ 143) in fines. Six other defendants suspected of involvement in the August 16, acts of violence were sentenced to 1 year. Adoui two days after the April massacre in the square (August 16), the outbreak of massive violent riots in which hundreds of people were killed in Cairo.
Sources said, the accused part of the banned organization (that is, Mu brother) and incitement to violence, riots and attacks targeting security forces, was convicted of one count.
The sources said, the accused faces possession of “bomb”, attempts to blow up the subway station, Ministry of agriculture and the allegations of incitement to violence, joined the banned organizations are also one of their charges.
In this context, Egypt Supreme Judicial Council muhanmode·xielier·fahemi the examining magistrate decided to transfer the 34 judges and members of the judiciary to discipline and authority of the Committee, their participation in the “justice, Egypt” activities. This activity is intended to disrupt political, and contrary to the judicial authorities to formulate legal provisions.
Survey results show that these judges and legal advisers in addition to participating in “justice, Egypt” activities, some of whom also was attended by former presidential candidate Mohamed morsi to declare election victory press conference. Morsi, held a news conference earlier, only competent under the laws, the Constitution and the official announcement of results of institutions–Presidential Election Committee has yet to sound.
Survey results showed that some judges held meetings concerning the statement supporting morsi, the Constitution promulgated in November 2012.
Some other members of the judiciary organized meetings, supporting morsi promulgated resolution, criticizing Egypt official judicial resolutions.

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Esther Tai (transliteration, Win Htet aged Tyae,16, III, who played double bass): SCO in learning Chinese
10 years old from Yangon, Myanmar came to Singapore, does not speak the language, Thai only through hand-drawn feet barely make friends. Currently attending Brazil secondary school he school Chinese Orchestra as a bass player. He said that his interest in Chinese music originating from small two o’clock school for foreign students of the class, when he had contact with Chinese drums, think it’s interesting, when choosing extra-curricular activities through middle, he joined the Orchestra required to study percussion, percussion instruments too mainstream, he was learning the double bass. It is a difficult instrument, and at first he was unable to adapt or even skip class discussion in absentia, but under the guidance of mentors and teachers, he finally return to groups.
Thailand is also learning Chinese in the Chinese Orchestra, will now be able to talk with instructor in Mandarin. He said that though the parents coming back home, life of Myanmar, but they wanted him to grow up to be independent, to decide their own future. “After all, I grew up here, my friends here, I am sure that I will continue to live here.”
Du Jiana (Dugana Rachana,13 age II, playing double bass): invite parents to hear her play
From India Bangalore Du Jiana like Singapore safe, friendly and warm. Du Jiana 5 years ago, and his parents came to Singapore, to adapt to the local environment. Attending the Green Garden middle school (Greendale Secondary School), and she has a bunch of Chinese music-loving friends. Middle School, friend to pick up her Chinese Orchestra, Orchestra, mostly girls, and she is one of the taller, the teacher arranged for her to play the double bass.
Double bass and height is almost twice her size, but this did not reduce her preference for this instrument, as well as the joy of playing music with friends. Now she was screaming her father bought her a double bass, “maybe have too much bass, cello or guitar can be. “This year the Orchestra will hold concerts, Du Jiana invited her parents to come and see her love of music. This was the first time her parents listen to Chinese music, Du Jiana very much looking forward to.

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Zhan Bi town 3.5 years ago assigned by their employers to Singapore a located in West Road (Dempsey Raod) Thailand restaurant served as a restaurant of saxophone and flute player, will blow less than 4 hours per day. Wind instruments were very good at him, will play Thailand traditional flute, but he came to Singapore before he saw a Chinese music performances in Bangkok, Chinese music is impressive. Come to Singapore Hou, a friend invited him to watch Singapore Chinese Orchestra concert, ignited his interest again, eventually he chose the closest to their own professional Chinese flute and soon started, and joins the Chao Center, Chinese Orchestra, timed practice per week so far.
Singapore Zhan Bi town when the circle is small, until you join the band, he began to have a new friend. Last month, he was involved in “national Kung-Lok” dress rehearsal for the first time, the day came to more than 3,800 more than musicians. This was his first Ensemble together with so many people, he is both excited and moved. “Everyone is playing by heart, from different cultures, ages, places, thousands of hearts are intertwined because of the music.
He said, he is a Chaozhou people living in Bangkok, one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia, Singapore felt the culture of work and life are similar, and even traditional music styles are very similar, “all is do, re, MI, Sol, La, do five sound-order modes.
Lin Huili (Rebecca Patricia Halim,13 years primary school, playing the yangqin): like playing with friends
Shy Lin Huili Indonesian of Chinese descent, was born and raised in Jakarta, 5 years ago with her family to Singapore, although oral communication without problems, but she is still academic effort in learning the Chinese language.
In grade school, because she is Chinese, and selected readings from Chinese-language courses in their mother tongue, but never exposed to Chinese language and she learned a bit difficult, “I’m still trying to keep up. “Lin Huili in second grade chose Chinese Orchestra for extracurricular activities, teacher assigned her to play the dulcimer, her father was very encouraging and even sent her to learning the guzheng, and now she has been able to master both kinds of musical instruments.
In fact, her father doesn’t know beans about Chinese music, just wish she would learn more by learning about Chinese music culture. Started learning the dulcimer Lin Huili’s irresistible, she said dulcimer instructor was very harsh, she had once wanted to give up, but over time, she found pleasure in dulcimer, playing with friends and just enjoying.
Ely Park primary school (Elias Park Primary School) and she, with the Orchestra to participate in just the end of the Singapore Youth Festival (Singapore Youth Festival) received merit awards. Lin Huili bought zither and dulcimer at home, Indonesian friends and relatives visiting, she’d played to them, mini concerts at home.

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It was Takahashi’s third trip to Singapore. She spent 12 years for the first time, the second 5 years, 6 months at a time. Her husband, because of work on several occasions been stationed in Singapore, she would come, take care of life for her husband. That gives her erhu love of enemies.
From Japan in Yokohama, she had had music performances in high school, she is very like the erhu music is also Hu Pan feeling, “like talking to women. “Then she saw 12 girls band’s concert, of Chinese music and erhu stronger, but never went to school, until about 4 years ago, her only official Eason in the local Music School studying erhu teacher Chen Yancong.
College has a number of other Japan student learning erhu, they were both in a local husband and son Japan housewife, at the initiative of teacher Chen Yancong, who was set up in December 2009, “South sound Orchestra” (Tropical Harmony Ensemble), became the local rare groups of the erhu.
Over the years, members came and went, it was returned, with new members joining, but their appetite for erhu no less. Takahashi said, returning band members also established orchestras in Tokyo, two years ago she returned to Tokyo with her husband, that year before she and the Orchestra again together to continue their hobby.
She said she had no musical background is not good, first husband was still awake, now playing at least a little progress, the husband can secure sleeping. Learning Chinese music at the same time, Takahashi said the child teacher’s choice will integrate into Malay, India music from Japan members have access to a number of Singapore culture, is very interesting. “There are no earthquakes, hurricanes, people are very friendly, and I like it very much here.”
Zhan Bi town (Udom Kiattivikrai,40 years old standing restaurant performer, playing the flute): join the band started making new friends
Between the documents from his wallet to find a piece of paper folded several, spread out, it says, “Zhan Bi town” three words. From Thailand Zhan Bi town, a native of Chaozhou, don’t have lived in Bangkok for several generations, and his father also learned Chinese, gave his Chinese name, written in his collection. Although he can speak Chaozhou dialect, but he doesn’t know how to read and write Chinese names. But his treasure. He said, now, Thailand has had very few people with Chinese names.

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Has been sending to the United Nations refugee agency Goodwill Ambassador for China’s Yao [Twitter] reached Lebanon Beirut visit. This is the second in Manila, the Philippines, the Thai-Myanmar border after Ethiopia and Africa three, Yao insisted at their own expense, for the fourth time to visit refugees … Lebanon are refugees in countries with the highest density in the world, and Angelina o Julie have came here. Arrival day, Yao went to UNHCR in Lebanon as Syria refugee children to build and communicate with them in school and listen to, followed by visits to the seaside 16 refugee collective residence and part of the family.


Yao walked into Syria refugee families and refugee children fleeing home road

Yao visit was Lebanon, refugees in countries with the highest density in the world, with millions of Syria for refugees, and the numbers are increasing every day. Is of the most concern Syria refugees, UNHCR hopes to adopt action caused concern of the international community, and because of the Politburo on the ground remained tense, so this visit very nervous.


Yao on the day of arrival are frantically working to register local knowledge and to UNHCR in Lebanon as Syria refugee children of schools communicating with kids. In the face of these war traumatized children, Yao has to take into account their sentiments and listen carefully, also delivered the specially prepared for children’s stationery to the school. While visiting the beach one refugee collective residence when a family, was motherhood Yao deeply felt, emotional hand on her 4 year old child could not bear to let go.


Of those ruined by war refugees who had fled their homes, the vast majority of answers it for the kids, “before the war, children are free to play, and after the war, they won’t go out, lack of access to education. “While suffering from war, but Syria refugees was invariably said that if the war stopped, the first thing is to go home,” as long as the war ends today, tomorrow we want to go back to their hometowns. No country will be better than their own country.

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In the post financial crisis, Chinese industry began to develop in diverse and expanding not only professional, but also on the old traditional industries, also began to open new ideas, breakthrough again restricting the development of the business situation.
In times of economic crisis, for the hundred-dollar, Department store industry, reporters often interview process, an exclamation heard many owners in this industry “restriction of the hundred-dollar, grocery industry affected by the economic crisis, now desperate.
But beginning in 2012, some Chinese breakthrough in new ways, beginning with the hundred-dollar trades in the old traditional industries break the ice, broad hundred-dollar industry segmentation, fineness, and accept the ideas of the local population, enhance cultural elements of the injection, was welcomed by the local population.
Badal in Barcelona, Maragall and Urgell Street, three decor chic boutique hundreds of stores from 2012 to set up shop so far, has been favored by the local population, even during the holiday season, showed customers queuing supra International Corp to buy situation. According to one informed who told Reporter: “this three home storefront of shopkeeper for a name Fujian nationality entrepreneurs, he of ideas is will hundred Yuan shop of goods subdivision of operating, Department store of return department store, and home of return home, and decorative of return decorative, while will enterprise culture highlights out, like with chic of Spanish name named storefront, and employment Spain employees convenient and workers communication, and set employees unified work clothing wait.
Not only that, but Barcelona Badalona Chinese warehouses and wholesale areas, Chinese way of thinking after restricting the economic crisis, began to “struggling” the road to find out.
According to informed who told Reporter: “now Warehouse District of storefront rent from this year began constantly of rose, II generation Chinese representative began in warehouse district stand out, they of language communication has no longer is problem, ideas also can followed local social ideas of requires, so they of storefront began rendering a new of pattern, this situation break has originally Chinese warehouse wholesale of old ideas, rendering out diversified development. Warehouse District there are already so many Chinese second generation started accepted the father’s business, and it got bigger and now very spirited.

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In today’s Chinese population, increasing business, selection of the Chinese industry also began to change gradually, abandoned the low-end traditional industry has been engaged in development of concept, began as the city’s diversity to develop new industries.
Prior to 2010, Barcelona’s WOK once favored by the public and local tourists, but the impacts of the crisis as well as out of competition, makes the WOK development can only be a Flash in the pan. But later in the economic crisis, Barcelona’s Japan food began to be welcomed, operated by a large number of ethnic Chinese in Japan food restaurants started everywhere.
According to a Chinese who lives in Barcelona, told reporters: “the Fabra I Puig this around a lot, I know there are five Chinese business Japan meal, mainly to sushi, pasta, grilled meat. Now Japan food very popular with people on the ground, and the investment cost is relatively small, operational procedures are simple, so the Chinese targeting opportunities, more sushi restaurants are beginning to emerge.
According to the reporter: in Barcelona, the emerging Japan meal is basically dominated by package, prices ranging from EUR 10 to 15 euros, the restaurant area with small great quality render hierarchical. According to a name Chinese told Reporter: “not like yiqian hundred Yuan shop and WOK meals that, lots of are of forms has, now Chinese operating of Japan meals levels obviously, some while storefront big, varieties more, even put barbecue are joined came in, but taste no, have not to people of welcomes; some while storefront small, but decoration has features, while only operating sushi, but produced sophisticated, like Entenca near railway station of a home Chinese bar modified into of Japan meals restaurant, produced of cuisine products comparable to Michelin restaurant of quality, Full business day after day.
In addition, all operated by a Chinese agent Spain chain of pastry, pastry shops of the company such as Granier, already in Barcelona Plaza Cataluya, Navas, Fabra I Puig and other places open for business. Restrictions of those pastry shops to abandon old ideas, join bravely hired after Spain workers operating on their behalf, gradually showing “agent–branch-unified management – branch Contracting” pattern, as a Chinese model of new industry development during the economic crisis.

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Beirut, May 19 (Xinhua) the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Goodwill Ambassador for China, famous Chinese actor Yao 19th visiting Lebanon in some areas, visit living in Syria as refugees. This is her first since becoming Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations refugee agency to visit Syria as refugees.
That afternoon, from Lebanon’s capital Beirut, and Yao drove 45 minutes to come to Lebanon wadizha area near the southern city of Sidon, visited both Syria refugee families and chat with housewives and children of two families, about their living conditions.
According to reports, two refugee families are more than a year ago from Syria Idlib province, fled to Lebanon, they lived in Lebanon residents of dilapidated houses, repairing houses funded by the United Nations refugee agency. At present, their life is very difficult, there is no furniture in the room, whose husbands earn from working unable to feed the whole family, only by international relief agencies such as the United Nations refugee agency funding. Visits at the end, Yao presented the two refugee families solar emergency lights and flashlights, donated mosquito bites to the children of medicaments.
Subsequently, Yao drove Lebanon South-East alaishanqu a public school named Bessor heard a school principal about the school accepted Syria enrolment of refugee children of school age. The school is financed by the United Nations refugee agency, to accommodate Syria refugee pupils, school teacher this morning Professor Lebanon student, Professor afternoon Syria students, is now host to more than 500, more than Syria refugee students. Yao also visited classrooms, see lessons already Syria refugee students, listening, recording their encounter. In Syria refugee students in conversation, when asked when they were trying to do when he grows up, students suddenly get excited, some say a fashion designer when I grow up, some say as a teacher, also said to be an engineer. After school, Yao also play games with kids in the playground.
According to the UN refugee agency announced on 18th, has so far escaped to Lebanon seeking refugee status in Syria who reached 106. 70,000. In Syria for refugees, children accounted for about half, including school-age children up to 400,000 people, more than Lebanon’s 300,000 students in public schools. At present, less than 25% of Syria refugee children in Lebanon enrolled in public schools. These children have fled war, but continues to suffer from the consequences for them of war.

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Reference news net reported on May 20 India media reported that electronic products imported from China are not only on a local brand impact and was destroyed including the renowned engineering, agriculture and medicine common entrance test (EAMCET), the examination system.
India Muslims newspaper website reported on May 18, officials reminded the 22nd EAMCET examination invigilator and wary of electronic device or trick students into the examination room, especially from China.
N.V, convener of the examination. Lamana said: “our students using high-tech means of copying is very worrying. These smuggled products were helping underperforming students to become doctors and engineers, which posed a threat to State and society.
Recently in Vijayawada and heads of school exchanges, Lamana through slide shows students how to use cheats for Chinese products.


He asked the supervisor not to allow candidates to bring electronic devices into the test room, these electronic devices including mobile phones, digital watches, goggles, spy Bluetooth, microphone, computer, scans, and other nano-products.
Lamana said: “with ulterior purpose students participate in the EAMCET carrying hidden cameras, pens and microphones. Funny thing is, we found that Andhra Pradesh is a large demand for Chinese goods, these products are sold in electronics stores and sidewalk.
Invigilator was asked to pay close attention to the candidates answer sheet in the suspicious, the effort will focus on the adoption of the latter spy microphones, pens and scanning device to receive revelation questions and secret answers.
Lamana warned: “if any students were found cheating, take his examination paper and answer sheet and not allowed to leave the examination room before the exam is over. We will call for the relevant departments to take stringent action against cheating candidates, including criminal prosecution.

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Paris, May 19, from France to China and France real estate group to create “Paris-Asia trade wholesale Centre” foundation stone laying ceremony held in telangbulaiangfulangsi in the North of the city of Paris, 18th. This major construction project is considered in France is of landmark significance in Chinese history.
France Congress members, and telangbulaiangfulangsi City Mayor asangxi, Portugal Secretary of State kaisaliao, China stationed in law Embassy business public parameter Wu Xilin, and Consular Department director Li ping public parameter, big Paris land Council President Laroye, St day ear Mann group and the Paris Asia Business Center Chairman dematuosi, Paris Asia Commerce Center Deputy Chairman, and General Manager Zheng Xuefen, Deputy Chairman Su Rongwu, more than 1000 more guest attended according to in the law between traditional held of Foundation ceremony.
Asangxi said in a speech at the ceremony, Paris Asia Trade Center Foundation are landmark events in the history of the city, means not only a foundation for increasing employment, a vibrant local economy, laid the Foundation for the city’s exchanges with China, has opened the door. He is convinced that the Centre as France national development planning, big Paris one of the most important items is bound into an upscale, classic, fashion, “new window”, and building a new bridge of Sino-French trade technology.
Wu Xilin, in his speech said that the Sino-French diplomatic ties more than 50 years of history of the moment, the Center’s construction as Sino-French economic and trade exchange and write down all of the active stroke. Li also said that this is the landmark events in the development of Chinese in the law, which marks the Chinese merchants there had been major developments in law, Chinese way of doing business in a new shift is a major change in the status of the Chinese.


According to reports, the “Paris-Asia trade wholesale Centre” is located in the city of telangbulaiangfulangsi, near the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, close to the Villepinte exhibition park is expanding. France government development planning, big Paris one of the key construction projects, the Centre is attached to the Charles de Gaulle Airport Business Park phase I, will become Paris one of the most important economic growth point in the future.
The Centre by the France Government, France France and Saint Germain Group Chinese businessmen to build, is the first merchant has completely independently owned business centers, by high level of concern and attention of the Government of the two countries. Project covers an area of 350,000 square meters, the Mall covers an area of 300,000 square meters, is expected to accommodate up to 1200 stores and construction of warehousing, logistics, commercial, life, recreation and other facilities, is expected to become operational in 2016.